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Project documentation

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Land Planning Document (PDF)

Segments of the Project

Condominium hotel - Villas

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  • 20 to 30 deluxe villas (with approx. 200 m2 surface area each)
  • Each villa is two-floored with a terrace and a garden. There is a pool in front of the terrace.
  • Villas are surrounded with forest – the architecture of the complex is constantly indicating the connection between man and nature. This gives the opportunity to visitors to experience and really feel the nature.
  • A beautiful panoramic view on Krka waterfalls is in front of villas.

Sports complex

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  • Open sports facilities - sports ground
  • Indoor sports facilities
  • Multifunctional hall
  • Pool
  • Sports medicine
  • Sports centre
  • Sports educational centre & club

Condominium hotel - Suites

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  • Approx. 200 suites, each suite is around 200m2
  • Suites are designed to be an individual sequential two-floored dwellings.
  • In front of each suite and between the dwelling blocks there are terraces and big green surfaces
  • Blocks of suites are on several floors and also include some additional facilities
Panorama restaurant + additional facilities

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  • The restaurant is situated in the best position with a beautiful view on Krka waterfalls
  • All the buildings that are built in terraces produce a “circle wall” around the Ivanal zone. There is a square inside the building, and the buildings itself are facing Krka waterfalls. This gives the opportunity for visitors to enjoy the beautiful view on the surroundings.
Additional facilities on 10 000m2:
  • Museum
  • Educational centre Krka
  • Multimedia centre
  • Cafe bar
  • Night club
  • Shopping facilities
Park / Forest

Big park is situated between the buildings. Throughout the park, numerous paths are leading towards different lawns with bushes or towards forests or bigger or smaller lakes.

There are also different sized pools and small ponds In the suites zone, as well as throughout the park, and walking zones.

Hotel Complex

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  • Business centre approx. 30.000 m2
  • Congress centre
  • Casino
  • Shopping
  • Additional facilities; restaurants, boutiques ...
Treatment hotel

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  • approx. 30.000 m2
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Clinic

Hotel complex consists of 2 main parts. Two separate but connected parts are built in a terrace way and each is growing from the ground as a separate volume. One volume, the bigger one, is near the entrance park of the Ivanal zone. The smaller volume is situated along the edge of the Plaza facing the canyon of river Krka. These two volumes are connected on the second and third floor. This connection makes the building look like a bridge over the walking zone.

With its shape the volumes are imitating the slopes in the nature. These two volumes look like they are growing from the Plaza. On one side, the slope is smaller and is connecting indoor hotel area with exterior big terraces – sunny green zones. On the other side, the shape of the hotel is scarping towards the Plaza and the surface is divided into small parts which are actually narrow terraces used for the hotel rooms.

The bigger volume has 15 floors and the smaller 7 floors. As the height of the volume is increasing the size of the floor is decreasing, so the smallest floor is the one on the top. Deluxe facilities are located on the top floors of the hotel such as clubs, deluxe design restaurants and penthouse suites.

Slope-buildings in the footage are surrounded with vast green surfaces, park, forest and with small lakes – the effect of urban nature is achieved by interweaving of urban complex and the natural environment.