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Future Aspects


The location of IVANAL, what is an objective fact, is highly adequate for tourist purport. It has already been estimated as such by the respective Offices of the Municipality of Sibenik and the County Sibensko-Kninska.

On the very border of the National Park of Reserve «Krka» with the sight over «Visovacko Jezero» and «Skradinski buk», very near to the new highway (Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik), being close to the Airports of Zadar (75 km) and Split (75 km), the vicinity of the ACI Marina Skradin – IVANAL has the potential to be one of the leading tourist attractions of the Middle Dalmatia and even further.

The possible disadvantages are tied to the lack of modern tourist facilities in the region and the poor developed area of the local communities, and the Sibenik area which is otherwise extremely quality destination.

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On the other hand, the disadvantages of IVANAL is the needed solution of the present near-by deposit of industrial waste. The industrial waste has been proven and approved by the authorised authorities as "NOT DANGEROUS WASTE". It is indeed aluminium and ferrous oxides, that present no threat to the underground, underground waters and to the air. Basically it presents only the landscape burden.

The present Land Planning Documentation speaks about the future attribution of the area as tourist area (source in Croatian: http://www.sibenik.hr/pp_na_snazi.asp “Izmjene i dopune Prostornog plana uređenja Grada Šibenika 11/2007 – page 19).

We are nevertheless of the opinion that the mentioned disadvantage is no obstacle for contents.


With the mentioned advantages and disadvantages, it is supposed that the proper vision for the location development is building a quality tourist resort in the category of, on the average, 4 stars, with rich Wellness & Spa contents.

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Wellness & Spa, as a tourist model with a series of medical and recreational contents and a theme «renovation of body and soul» is recommendable and we strongly believe it a correct strategy development.

  • Big Demand
    A demand for Wellness & Spa as a type of tourist service is rapidly growing on the world level. The number of guests in hotels and resorts of Wellness & Spa type are growing more then 25% on a yearly basis. (Source: World Travel & Tourism Council Report, 2005)
  • Non existing Competition
    A real and well devised Wellness resort is still not existing in Croatia (situation 2009 – but a major resort is planed in the central Croatia), while the present offer is restricted to minor additional contents in the already existing hotels (for instance: Sibenik-Solaris, Opatija, Bol on the island of Brač)
  • Ideal Location
    The location is ideal for Wellness contents. The National Park of Reserve is on a relative isolation, the natural beauties in the vicinity establish branding the whole destination as a place for «rest and recovery». The great quantities of the water from the river Krka, but also the existing concession of using the water resources, enable sufficient support for a number of basins and similar purports.

The Wellness Resort IVANAL should be a mixed hotel-suit model, with rich number of recreational contents as well as a medical centre. The medical centre should cover the contents such as massages, stomathology surgery, plastic surgery and some contents of alternative medicine.

The «four star» strategy is correct, since the hotel's categorisation with four stars is a minimum of destination's quality for more then 60% of German tourists (Source: Tourist Strategy of the Republic of Croatia, 2003), and the minimum quality of accommodation for the more demanding tourist markets that are in Croatian interest. It is not certain to have the investment in five star contents – the marketing study and the feasibility study should prove or disapprove it.