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Project documentation

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Land Planning Document (PDF)

Basic Facts

I am the only property owner of a significant, attractive piece of land – approx. 150.000 square meters at present, with a perspective of enhancing it with an additional area of approx. 150.000 square meters, amounting therefore in total to 300.000 sq meters.

The land is situated on a highland area directly bordering the Natural Park of Reserve «Krka», near the village of Lozovac. The most beautiful sightseeing spot of the waterfalls «Skradinski buk» and the lake area «Visovačko jezero» of the Natural Park is clearly visible from this land area. The distance from the well known yacht marina «Skradin» is only 5 km. The whole area around the river Krka is rich with medieval Croatian town ruins and a Roman military Arena is the most recent archaeological finding. Another Natural Park of reserve, the island archipelago «Kornati» is in the vicinity.

Aero View of the Location

The location is:

  • In the geographical centre of the entire region (or targeted market of neighbouring countries)
  • At the border of the Krka National Park (that has itself half-a-million visitors during only 5 months of summer tourist season)
  • At the beautiful Adriatic coast, famous for its tourist-industry and tradition.

The location is ideal for entrepreneurs, since:

  • There exists a long-term water concession (signed with the State) for the usage of water from the River Krka (presently 120.000 m3/year) with a short pipeline for connection.
  • All the infrastructure is already existing, namely water, electricity, road, water sewerage with the existing water purification plant.
  • And there is the existent reserved electrical power of 4.5 MW

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IVANAL can be imagined as an adequate location for development of the attrractions of the «Disneyland» or «Aqua park» type, but:

  • The attractions of the «Disneyland» type are rarely profitable per se, and some as Euro Disney in Paris are running with troubles. With profitable attractions, the main income source would be the accommodation resources within the location, while the main attraction is a loss and the needed infrastructure is very expensive.
  • The average tourist in Croatia, with a nowadays consumption on the average of 60 euros (source: TOMAS Study, Institute for Tourism, 2005) has a designed budget for only one minor visit of a certain tourist atrraction. One is willing to spend such a budget in visiting a certain National Park.
  • While there is a lack in quality accommodation capacities in the County and Croatia, bigger investments in the accompanying tourist contents shall not be economical for a longer period if not well envisaged.

On the other hand it can be envisaged that the area is adequate for the investment in:

  • CASINO activities
  • Medical centre for plastic surgery, dentist services

It has to be stressed that in the vicinity of IVANAL there is/are:

  • Planned Golf Resort in the vicinity of Prukljan (potential investor: Quaestus Private Equity), and the Dalmatian Village in the vicinity of Drniš (investor: Joško Lokas)
  • Major archaeological attractions dating from Roman times.
  • Major Hunting area